Working and living as an Indian nurse in the UK

As an overseas nurse, there’s a range of money-saving deals and vouchers you’ll receive. From restaurant vouchers to holiday discounts, gym membership discounts to money off fashion fixes, all your hard work is rewarded.
Hei, sut whyt ti? Don’t worry about not being able to say ‘hey, how are you?’ in Welsh, English is the primary language spoken. A lot of nurses are worried about the language barrier, but they shouldn’t be. Not only does everyone speak English, there is also a large community of overseas nurses ready to help!
Did you know Wales has six World Heritage sites and 150 beaches? It’s the perfect place to live if you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

There’s nothing quite like feeling the breeze of the sea blowing through your hair, while enjoying 870 miles of award-winning coastline. How about witnessing breath-taking views at the Brecon Beacon National Park? Fancy visiting Barry Island beaches? The never-ending views are what capture the hearts of the community.

Unlike other countries, Wales is a place that promotes the best of both worlds; a country life accompanied by leisure, adventure, a multicultural community and lifelong friends.

Cardiff (Capital city of Wales) is the perfect location if you need to get away for a few hours. With cultural attractions to explore, some of the world’s best sporting venues, thousands of shops to enter and with an impressive range of restaurants you will want to visit again, no two visits will be alike!
Low-cost living
Were you worried about living costs? Don’t be! Compared to England, Wales is a lot cheaper than the UK average. Although cheaper, where you decide to live in Wales will influence how low the cost of living will be.

Either way, living in Wales gives you the opportunity to save money if it’s needed, send money back home and generally enjoy your three years.
It’s incredibly easy to travel through Wales by train, bus, car or even by flight, but the cheapest option is public transport. Buying a Travel Pass will let you travel all over and adjacent areas of England on all rail and most bus routes. The cost of the Travel Pass will vary for each individual.

Depending on your journey, it may be cheaper to buy a weekly, seasonal or annual ticket!

Cardiff Airport is the only airport in Wales offering flights to countries in Europe. As for long-haul destinations, Qatar Airways have partnered up with Cardiff Airport to make it possible to travel!
What you need to remember is that you are not alone. You’ll travel to Wales in a group and will be greeted by an even bigger community of overseas nurses upon arrival.

If you’re into dressing up, enjoy drinking tea and eating the famous Welsh cake (who doesn’t), you’re in the right place. Health Boards throughout Wales organise monthly social nights for you to integrate yourself into the community.

As for the Welsh, well, get ready to meet some of the friendliest, polite and helpful people you’ll ever meet, who will make sure you feel part of the Welsh family.
International recruitment
Originally it was Emily who told me this, but I just spoke to Gregg, and he said to not mention it at all as Health Boards in Wales must rely on international recruitment. This section will just be deleted!
Low crime rate

Moving to another country is terrifying, especially when you don’t know if it’s safe. Wales has an incredibly low crime rate, so there’s nothing to worry!
Bring your family
Did you know your family can immigrate to Wales? Once you’re an RN (Registered Nurse) with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council), your family are entitled to move to Wales and join you on your new adventure for the next three years!
You’re important
Not only are you hired for your skillset, experience, passion, drive and personality, but the UK needs nurses like you from India to deliver outstanding care to patients and save lives too. You make a difference.