Part. 1 A:

Numeracy and theory: 278 questions,29 OSCE stations
Calculations and the correct procedure in administration of medication

Part 1 B:

CBT:2,242 questions
Questions related to Mental Health, Professionalism, Wound Management, Vascular Access devices, Respiratory system, preoperative care, patient comfort- end of life care, paediatric care, Obstetrics and gynaecology. Further questions related to Nutrition, fluid balance and blood transfusions, Moving and Positioning, Elimination, Communication, Assessment and Discharge and Infection, Control and Prevention.

Part 2:

OSCE stations :253 guidelines
OSCE procedural guidelines are associated with Wound Management, Vascular Access Devices, Respiratory care, Mental Health, Pain Management, Paediatrics, Assessment & Discharge. Further guidelines are associated with Obstetrics, Observations, Moving and Positioning, Elimination, Communication and Infection, Control and Prevention.