The first part is a computer based test called CBT (Computer Based Testing) andcan be taken online through appropriate test centres. This component consists oftwo parts ; Part A: Numeracy and Part B; Theory. Part A counts for 15 marks whilePart B contains 100 marks. The timing for Part A (Numeracy) is 30 minutes while forPart B (Theory) candidates have 2 hours and 30 minutes. The pass rate for CBT is 60%.The second part is a practical assessment called OSCE (Objective StructuredClinical Examination). Prospective candidates are required to act out scenarios thatnurses or midwives are likely to encounter when assessing, planning, delivering andevaluating care. The prospective candidate will be assessed by 10 stations, 4stations comprising of Assessment, Planning, Implementation and evaluation. Fourother skill stations consist of 2 pairs of 2 skills, 1 professional behaviour station and 1 critical appraisal station. The pass rate of OSCE is 80%.