Applicants or employers contact the centre directly to book and pay for the OSCE. CBT can be booked online. The OSCE will simulate a clinical environment and patient scenarios which registered nurses and midwives are likely to encounter when they assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. The OSCE contains nursing or midwifery scenarios along with separate skill stations. Each separate clinical examination is known a ‘station’, and candidates will circulate through all the stations, within a set time.

The OSCE and CBT is based on UK pre-registration standards, you can familiarise yourself with the blueprints for OSCE, on the NMC official website.

The criterion is mapped against the NMC standards for Pre-Registration Education 2010 and the NMC Code 2015. The skills assessments are also mapped against the Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Procedures (9th Edition).

The above will help with the theory of standards and attitudes expected, but for the contents of the OSCE, you need robust and verifies training like ours.

By using our trusted online learning platform, used by many NHS Trust and private hospitals and care home groups, you will be very used to all the steps and challenges of the exam.

On completion of the online training you will be able to not only visualise how the OSCE works, and is marked and modulated, but also start practicing it. You will see any areas you need to work on, and can reach out to our trainers, for further support or insights.

By watching the videos, listening to the audios, reading the text and completing the quizzes – you can learn the APIE and clinical skills steps, in a unique way created to maximise your learning and experience. You will be able to refer back to course until the day of the exam.

You can send demonstrations via recording and we can assess them, and receive professional, constructive feedback.

Our research shows that is the only way to prepare effectively in advance for your classroom training, that is 100% effective and correct. There is no course comparable to it available anywhere in the world and with a team working on it, it will remain at the forefront, without being overly expensive.

Working closely with the NHS, we know that employers are now expecting nurses to arrive into the UK “OSCE ready”. If you enrol for the online training, as soon as you have achieved CBT, you will be far ahead of those without this fantastic resource. Not only can it improve your chances at interview of securing your chosen job, it means you can arrive in the country and have time to settle into your new environment and job, without worrying about the OSCE initially.

Unfortunately, many OSCE teaching articles, videos even official university documents and website materials, are out-dated and misleading. Viewer beware of OSCE YouTube videos, some don’t follow the criteria – as the OSCE is in fact an ever-evolving entity and many trainers are not up-to-date with these changes, as they are very part-time trainers.