1. Practice, Practice, Practice – do I need to explain this more!

2. Time management –

3. Read over the scenario or questions at least three times before answering

4. Check the patient’s kardex

5. Hand hygiene, hand hygiene, hand hygiene

6. Cross-contamination….

7. Do not rush. Steady wins the race! Just ask the turtle!

8. Communication clear but slow.

9. Use simple English, don’t overindulge on fancy English words!

10. Keep the process simple, don’t over do the explanation

11. Consent, Consent, Consent

12. Don’t treat the adult patient like a child!

13. Don’t assume the patients knows complex medical terminology. STOP with the jargon!! Simple English…

14. Know UK drug names… BNF!

15. Youtube videos, some are very helpful, others are not! Some do not comply with the guidelines….

16. Stay calm, meditate, relax, deep breaths

17. If you fail, you at least can repeat!